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This desurves to be on television, like Adult Swim.

Pixmintro responds:

That is EXACTLY where I want to pitch this show to! :D


Stop making fun of micheal jackson! It was funny at first but now it's getting fucking annoying! You and I know Michael was innocent from the trial and nobody had evidence that he did anything. Also we have evidence he didn't do anything!

So you need to get out of this "Jesus Juice" crap or I will make sure I will confront you in an unplesent manner!


Don't listen to the other guy. Your the best!

Arthurkitty responds:

Thanks dude! Tell your friends to vote 5 too keep our submisions alive! =D

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Cool but.....

in the chat room, the users are then dumbass sonic fans.

They keep dreaming of having sex with Amy the headgehog.

Your movie was alright but let me tell you this.

Now that you blocked me, because I gave you a hard time? You shouldn't have gave me a PM in the first place if it was that along time ago. You shouldn't have blocked me, I was gonna apoligise but now I change my mind because you felt your too good to listen to anyone apoligies to you, so is that why you blocked me?

I don't even know you, and even I did send that thing, you waited several months to tell me this?

That was on March, it's now 5 months later, If I was you I would of let it go if it was that long time ago! I don't remember sending u this but I did send you that thing because you must of made somthing that sucked and I made my opinion! Ok? I don't normaly fight with people anymore like I used to so please don't start a flame, because I have other arguements on the internet and it's getting on my fuckin nerves!


Ringadingding! I like when the man got hung. I laughed at that.

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Awesome battle!!!

I like them both. They both can rap, but linez destroyed Jirohbomb. This battle was way more better the other one. I give props to both rappers, they have skills.

Straight up.

This battle belonged to Murdaa. He brought it out really hard. Wyze's verse was whack. His voice was as if he was trying too hard to win which loses his place as the winner to Murdaa which by the way sounds a little bit like the talented version of Lil Wayne.

Wow dude.

I just added your rap to my song and it fit so well. Thank you for this. Your a really talented rapper and hopefully somebody signs you.

Great story by the way! Mr. Jones must be a low life, huh?! lmao XD

Take care. And thank you! :D


Cut the drama and pump whatever that yo momma of yours gave you.

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